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Six Students Chosen to Represent Building 21 at ASD Board Meetings

Six Students Chosen to Represent Building 21 at ASD Board Meetings
Posted on 12/03/2018
At the Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Regular Board meeting (rescheduled from November 15, 2018), students from each of the three high schools were formally introduced as representatives for their school for the 2018-2019 school year. These students will join fellow ASD board members at regular board meetings, education / finance committee meetings and on the Human Relations Commission committee meetings. Student representatives are asked to provide updates on positive things taking place in their schools or upcoming events that are important to the school culture and climate. Prior to the official announcement, students met for a dinner in the administration center where they met current members of the board and leadership team within the Allentown School District. 

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent their respective high schools at the monthly school Board of Directors meetings! 

Candice Molina – Meeting of the Whole 
Candice is a current senior at Building 21 who is involved in art and math club. She works after school at a retirement home, takes piano lessons and enjoys painting, drawing and writing poetry, always feeding her creative side. She also volunteers from time to time at a church in Bethlehem and donates gently used clothing items to others in need. After graduation, Candice hopes to attend a 4-year college or university where she can study a subject that would allow her to have a career she loves and would not grow tired of. 

Elias Sanchez – Meeting of the Whole – Alternate 
Elias is a sophomore at Building 21 who is heavily involved in the school community. He is a member of the school’s lacrosse and fitness club, participates in Upward Bound and the engineering program. After graduation he plans to go to college to study robotics or mechanical engineering. Outside of school he enjoys playing video games and watching his younger brothers and always strives to be a good example for them. 

Ty Davis, Education / Finance Committee 
Ty is a B21 senior who is a member of the school’s lacrosse club. he enjoys playing video games in his spare time and helping out within his community. After graduation, he plans to attend college for nursing or criminal justice.
Egnar Tejada, Education / Finance Committee – Alternate 
Egnar is a sophomore boxer at Building 21. After graduation, he plans to attend college to study business and hopes to obtain his MBA so that he can open his own business one day. 

Shardanay Buchanan, Human Relations Commission 
Shardanay Buchanan is a current junior at Building 21 high school who moved to the Allentown School District in 5th grade. She lives with her mom and sister and loves being an active part of the community. Shardanay has always been very passionate about school and aspired to learn more. By attending Building 21 High School, she believes that the school has helped skills and relationships that she gained because of the unique structure at B21. After high school, she would like to go to college for pre-vet and one day open her own successful business. 

Nicholas Cruz, Human Relations Commission – Alternate 
Nicholas is a junior at Building 21 who is very active in his school and church community. He is a Youth Leader within the church and a member of the Building 21 student government and student ambassador program. He hopes to apply to a number of Ivy League schools to enter a political science or pre-law major, and eventually become a defense attorney.