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Building 21 Construction Updates

Building 21 Construction Updates
Posted on 07/23/2018

Summer of 2018 marks the next phase of growth and expansion for Building 21 Allentown. As the student population of Building 21 grows each year, there is a need to renovate and create spaces that best accommodate our students and the unique curriculum of our school. Outlined in the ASD Strategic Framework, the District's work is centered on increasing personalized learning and instruction opportunities for all students. 

Some highlights of this summer construction: 

- removal of the former "office building" style entryway and the creation of a large open vestibule space with designated security checkpoints allowing for safe and secure access to our building 
- increased space to display student projects, artwork and exhibitions in the new foyer and around the building 
- new and dynamic classroom space that can be expanded or split to accommodate large and small groups 
- updated furniture that increases collaboration between students and encourages technology use in the classroom

Building 21 is excited to welcome its fourth cohort of students this fall, expanding the school to full capacity. The first cohort of B21 students are expected to graduate this June. 

**Please remember that during construction all students and visitors to the building must enter through the side / cafeteria doors!