Building 21High School

School Information

Building 21 Vision:    
Passion. Power. Agency.

Sparked by their passion, aware of their power, students build agency to impact their world. 

Building 21 Mission:

To provide a supportive and flexible learning environment that challenges every learner to find their voice and to exercise choice as they design their own pathways to success.


Our Vision and Mission in Practice:
As a school community, we are committed to the implementation of restorative practices. We will reinforce positive behavior and good choices, and we will support students to learn from the consequences of negative behaviors and poor choices. We will support students to use their power to proactively resolve both major and minor conflicts; to hold themselves and the community accountable for their actions; and to ultimately lead by example. Most importantly, we believe that every member of our team including office staff, parents, families, building maintenance, teachers and school leaders are responsible for modeling, teaching and re-teaching our neighborhood school-wide behavioral expectations. 

Each teacher has an advisory network where they foster a nurturing and supportive environment, as well as sustain ongoing relationships with families. Our teachers support their students in the goal setting process and assist them in advancing on their personalized learning plans.  

Our Learning Model:

Our Partner:
We partner with Building 21 for our learning model. Building 21 is an educational non-profit based in Philadelphia, PA. Building 21 partners with communities, families, students, teachers, educational leaders and school districts to design, open and operate new high schools. Our learning model allows students to learn at their own pace, to engage with content and curriculum that they find interesting and relevant, and to apply and further develop their skills in real-world environments. For more information about Building 21, go to their website:

Our Core Values: