Building 21High School

About B21

Building 21 is a nonprofit organization that is reimagining secondary schooling to meet the needs of all learners.  The mission of Building 21 is to empower networks of learners to connect with their passions and build agency to impact the world.  Our learning model allows students to learn at their own pace, to engage with content and curriculum that they find interesting and relevant, and to apply and further develop their skills in real-world environments.

What makes Building 21 Allentown High School different?

We are Competency-based

  • Learning in the core content areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, Spanish) is aligned to a set of skills that students must master in order to graduate.
  • The core element of a competency-based approach is that students progress to more advanced work upon demonstration of mastery, not their age or grade.

We are Problem-based and Project-based

  • Learning is organized into studios that last for 6-8 weeks. Studios provide students the opportunity to integrate content and apply their skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems.

  • Each studio ends with an impact module where students get to implement their project/product/solution for an authentic audience.

We support students in developing Personalized Pathways through

  • Exposure to careers through different community partnerships (i.e. LVHN, Baum, Digital Feast)
  • Interest-based choice in studios and pathways
  • Opportunities for:
    • Dual Enrollment 
    • Internships
    • Work Experience
    • Project development and implementation

We have a Daily Advisory designed to

  • Focus on personal development through the Habits of Success Competencies
  • Build relationships with adults and peers
  • Support the development of a Personalized Learning Plan